Melanio Escobar: Citizens want to participate in anything that peacefully helps the change of government

Melanio Escobar: Citizens want to participate in anything that peacefully helps the change of government

Melanio Escobar: Citizens want to participate in anything that peacefully helps the change of government



With the growth of social networks and their innovative forms of communication. Young people, social groups, politicians and activists have woven new strategies to explain the current political situation in Venezuela and other topics of interest, given the increase in the use of social media, and the use of new technology, the consumption of information through traditional means has decreased.

Irene Revilla // Correspondent

Such is the case of Melanio Escobar, a Venezuelan journalist, activist and technologist who creates easy-to-digest content. To understand the political process that Venezuela is going through, he also explains news through his social networks accounts with simple language that is aimed mainly at young people. asked him about how young people could be encouraged to vote, given the imminence of the Primary Election to be held this October 22nd (#22Oct) to choose the opposition candidate who will challenge Chavismo for the presidency of Venezuela in 2024.

He explains that it is essential to speak clearly to them about what the action of citizens voting means, since it is a right, but also a duty under the current situation of the country. In addition, it will allow us to choose who will represent us and lead the political processes in Venezuela.

“At the end of the day, they (political leaders) are the ones who affect all the things you do or don’t do. The political situation in Venezuela is what has caused the mass exodus of the eight million Venezuelans, and the destiny of other hundreds of thousands who are between staying or leaving, depends on there being a change in Venezuelan politics. Young people must be treated as adults, not as children, by simply explaining to them the importance of what individual political expression means among citizens. That’s what I’ve tried to do.”

The communications strategist and also human rights defender believes that people are very excited to participate in any type of action that is within their own capacity and that contributes to a change of government in Venezuela.

“This may be the Primary, the presidential elections, peaceful demonstrations, tweeting, whatever. I believe that the entire citizenry is in a mood to lend, beyond surviving day to day life due to the economy and all the things we already know, a contribution within their capabilities that allows them in some way to collaborate with the change of government. We have been waiting too long for too many years.”

He assured that in the citizen sphere, there are many expectations with the primary, just as in the presidential elections. “There is a great desire for citizen participation in anything that peacefully helps the change of government.”

Melanio has gone viral on social networks for creating simple content, explaining news that tends to be complex for young people and that is why he does it in a simple and direct way so that everyone can understand. He is founder of the NGO RedesAyuda that offers services in Latin America and director of ‘Humano Derecho Radio Estación’.