Venezuelan Youth from Zulia State denounce inhuman conditions to register in CNE headquarters

Venezuelan Youth from Zulia State denounce inhuman conditions to register in CNE headquarters


New young voters and adults who go to the only fixed registering spot that is functioning at the headquarters of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in Maracaibo endure an inclement sun, a heat index that approaches 40 degrees Celsius, no drinking water to hydrate or shade to protect themselves from the sun.

By Correspondent

With 72 hours to go before the deadline set by the electoral body to carry out the process of changing residence, updating personal data and new registration, the CNE Zulia State headquarters is packed this Saturday, April 13th. This is the only fixed registration point of the four announced by the electoral power that operates in the capital of Zulia.

Yeslany Méndez, arrived at the CNE headquarters this Saturday at 10 in the morning, she spent six hours in line to register. She said the day was long, exhausting.

She expressed her joy at being able to meet her goal of enrolling. Since 2022 she was looking forward to being able to register and she had not been able to achieve it.

“From my heart and with conviction I hope that this is the last of many queues that I have stood in, I want to vote the next 28th of July, I want a change for my country. I’ve already done my bit, many university classmates have already come, I came today because I’m full during the week,” she said.

The new young voters thought that the electoral body could provide them with minimum conditions such as awnings to protect themselves from the sun, but that was not the case. It draws their attention that they do have awnings to protect the vehicles of the officials who work there none but for them who are standing in line for hours, nothing.

Many older adults have also come to the CNE headquarters to update their residence address, for them there is preferential treatment when they add up to ten or twenty in line and only then are admitted in the offices to be attended.

The registration process in Zulia has taken place with many irregularities, the most significant being that the fixed points are not active as announced in the schedule. Regarding the “traveling points” in the region, there have also been complaints that these are all run by followers of the government party .