Maracaibo reaches record figure in solid waste collection

Maracaibo reaches record figure in solid waste collection


The Mayor of Maracaibo, Rafael Ramírez Colina, announced that starting this week the Coquivacoa and Bolívar parishes will join areas with the collection of solid waste three times a week. The ‘urban cleaning service’ (trash collection) will serve both areas on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Lexzys Lugo / Correspondent la

With the inclusion of these two parishes, there will be eight areas where this schedule will operate.

Rafael Ramírez Colina, municipal authority, highlighted that at this time in the capital of Zulia State in Western Venezuela, the garbage collection service works optimally at 90%, with 56 operational compactor units.

“Maracaibo is cleaner, collection is at 90% in each of its parishes. Since 2021, our goal has been single and clear: combat and eradicate the public health epidemic alert due to the excess of solid waste that we get on the streets, almost 20,000 tons in 2021. Today the panorama is different,” he stated.

Ramírez Colina congratulated the civility of the “conscious marabinos” (citizens) who wait for the collection day to take their waste out to the street. He also reported that the policy of “arrime” (right on time), of taking out the garbage to the curb, is organized.

“The work sustained over time has paid off. Today Maracaibo is clean, I thank our environmentalists, the citizens who are taking care of our ‘big house’, Maracaibo, we are 10% away from meeting the goal, we will soon achieve it,” he announced.

The mayor explained that in April 2024 effectiveness increased by 30%,last May, 10% was added, and now it is more than 90% effective. Specifically, the month of May closed with a total of 37,306 tons of waste collected, while in April 36,060 tons were collected.